De FG-knoop past door ieder topoog.

Just a short but very practical tip for the pike fishermen among us. Forget the swivel and use the FG knot instead to tie your fluo carbon hooklink to the braided mainline. I list the benefits for you:

  1. The FG knot is much more refined than a swivel and is, therefore, less noticeable.
  2. Because the FG node is smaller, debris is also less likely to get stuck behind. A clean line results in more bites, so more fish.
  3. The FG button does not suffer from fatigue and is therefore more reliable.
  4. The FG button fits through your top eye and therefore all your other eyes. This is a great advantage, especially if you want to fish with (very) long hooklinks (or guides).
  5. The FG knot won’t damage your tip eye if you accidentally turn too far in. A swivel, on the other hand, can demolish your top eye in one go.
  6. The FG knot is free.

Tight lines!